Water Management Plans


We map and document the critical control points unique to each facility, while documenting corrective actions and validating results.

  • Recognize the Risk

    Recognize the risk of Legionella and other bacteria that have a large impact on health and safety of guests, patients and employees

  • Safeguard

    Safeguard your company brand and image by reducing your liability and risk

  • Extend the Life

    Extend the life of your facility plumbing infrastructure and water-using equipment

  • Establish and Deliver

    Establish and deliver a dynamic roadmap that survives employee and vendor turnover

  • Deliver Successful Outcomes

    Deliver successful outcomes based on testing and risk analysis of your facility water

  • Recommend

    Recommend Legionella management plans and other water disinfection solutions that are necessary to protect your water environment from point of entry to point of use

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Water Management Plans- Sarandrea Associates Group Corp