Atmospheric Water Generation

Commercial Solutions

Water Dispensers with pure water guaranteed HQ

Sustainable: Zero Waste + No natural resources exploitation

Efficient: Low cost per gallon +low energy consumption

Plug and Drink: No installation + Easy maintenance

Highest efficiency in the market



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13.73 Gallons per day                      

Cold Water & loT          

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53.36 Gallons per day

Cold Water & loT

External tank compatible


Coming soon!

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Industrial Solutions

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GENAQ is recognized as a professional, high quality and high-efficiency

brand in the AWG sector. This is the result of over 160 engineer-years spent

in developing advanced knowledge in heat transfer, water treatment

and control, to achieve the most reliable and efficient atmospheric water

generators, becoming the preferred option for drinking water supply.

+35 years of experience

Own technology

Own manufacturing

Highest efficiency

Tested in Climate Chamber

Remote monitoring and control

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