Water Quality, Environmental & Waste Management Solutions.

Our Values

Honesty:  SAGC works as a team to aspire and endeavoring to increase the culmination of our competence, knowledge, and resourcefulness. As a team, we are responsible for leaving our clients with a positive view of us as an organization, and that is only possible through cooperation on all levels.

Integrity: SAGC applies the highest level of standards in all facets of our processes. We believe in providing a great work environment, and treat everyone with respect and dignity. We work diligently drawing from the strong work ethic of our company core business and are committed to always acting in the best interests of our customers.

Accountability:  At SAGC, we take responsibility for our own actions; both internally as individual team members, and externally as an organization, the ability to change and comply with the needs of our customers, collaborate and resolving conflict. We possess the problem solving and technical capabilities to remediate complex processes.

Professionalism: At SAGC, we are diligent at taking an appropriate level of care in executing our duties and actions, reducing or eliminating errors, adhering to customer needs throughout the service period, engaging our customers in a friendly and flexible manner.  An earnest desire to see our customers succeed.


What we do

We serve those who serve in the local, state and federal government sectors and focus on their most pressing needs. We provide specialized solutions that support Water Quality, Environmental Remediation and Waste Management. 

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Water Quality, Environmental & Waste Management Solutions.- Sarandrea Associates Group Corp