Responsibility and sustainability


Our daily operations align business performance with a commitment to environmental, social and community stewardship encompassing three elements:

  • Reduce Carbon Footprint
    • Deliver goods in a manner that minimizes community and environmental impacts.
    • Explore Alternative Fuel Sources
    • Increase Recycling and Reuse efforts in the company’s supply chain
  • Engage and promote Sustainability Issues
    • Communicate regularly with customers, employees and external stakeholders on sustainability issues, goals and efforts.
    • Opportunities to collaborate with customers, suppliers, employees and communities to actively participate in sustainability programs.
    • Increase transparency and disclosure of our sustainability performance through our annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report and related sustainability disclosures.
  • Support Sustainable Development
    • Collaborate with customers and communities to grow sustainably, considering social, economic and environmental effects.
    • Develop innovative infrastructure to support operations and minimize resource use.
Responsibility and sustainability- Sarandrea Associates Group Corp