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Variety of Compact, Built-In, & ADA Compliant All-Freezers For the Scientific Industry
Our medical all-freezer line offers a variety of choices to meet a range of needs in the laboratory and medical marketplace. Our selection includes -20º and -25ºC capable manual defrost units, as well as built-in frost-free freezers specially constructed for reliable cold storage and maximum customer convenience.
Many medical freezers can be paired with matching all-refrigerators as side-by-side or stackable sets. All our freezers feature interior drawers or wire shelves to ensure proper cold storage and improve interior air circulation. Many more options, including data loggers, NIST calibrated thermometers, and temperature alarms can be added to virtually our whole product line.
MED & MEDDT Series Feature Packages


Our MED line of all-freezers combines several heavily requested product features into our quality units. Most units in this series can be paired with our matching all-refrigerator line. All MED units include:

  • High/low temperature alarms with audible warnings if the unit goes out of the specified range
  • NIST calibrated temperature readout of the current and high/low temperature fully in view on the door to the nearest tenth of a degree
  • Hospital grade cords with green dot plugs for added safety in high traffic locations
  • Access ports for customers to install their own monitoring equipment
  • Factory installed front locks for reliable security

The Right Freezer For Your Needs

Our MED and MEDDT line is the popular choice for hospitals and medical clinics, as they include the right features and temperature conditions for most sensitive laboratory material. For certain vaccines that require more advanced temperature conditions, we recommend our VAC line. We also carry a series of -30º, -35º, and -45ºC low temperature freezers for a variety of storage needs.
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