Checked Baggage

Checked Baggage

Intelligent fully integrated and automated solutions

When combined with embedded artificial intelligence (AI), automation helps enterprises streamline repetitive tasks and reduce many elements, including human and process errors, operational risk and, perhaps most importantly, costs. Our Team supplies airports from North America to Asia and everywhere in between, having installed close to 2000 in-line, automated, high-throughput checked baggage security systems. Our products meet stringent explosive detection standards of regulatory agencies worldwide and is a leader in fully integrated and automated baggage handling solutions. Providing a full-suite of advanced technology/computed tomography (AT/CT) systems for hold baggage screening (HBS), from stand-alone to high-throughput in-line configurations along with innovative automated solutions, delivering the highest levels of security and operational efficiencies.



Reveal explosives detection systems (EDS) automatically detect a variety of explosives in checked baggage at airports and other passenger facilities.

Explosive Detection System

Our products deliver an unbeatable combination of innovative technology, superior threat detection, reliable performance and cost efficiency. It is designed to meet the highest detection performance without the use of rotating gantry. Our products are designed to insure seamless integration with an airport’s baggage handling system.

Redundant network architecture for AT and CT EDS network

Our products deliver sophisticated networking technologies to optimize airport operator investments in screening equipment while increasing the flexibility and utility of screening personnel. Deployed at the world’s leading airports, the product is a total networking solution for an integrated EDS network of any size or complexity. It’s centralized management of all security equipment resources from a single station. It’s flexible design also delivers value by improving airport operations through customized applications that many leading airports are benefiting today.

Baggage Inspection and Handling

Our products excel at keeping baggage inspections moving efficiently. It scans more bags per hour with fewer false alarms, reducing visual and secondary searches. There are no prescreening required; one rapid pass provides all the data necessary to determine the presence of threats or clear bags for flight.

In-line EDS

Our products are TSA-certified. Its enhanced speed delivers 750 bags per hour. With the same industry-leading 3D Continuous Flow CT technology, our products deliver reliable threat detection and low false alarm rates.

Conveyance Systems

Extensive engineering experience providing world leading fully integrated turnkey solutions within baggage handling. Working closely with clients to install a range of bespoke innovative technology systems to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

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