Aviation Checkpoint

Aviation Checkpoint

Fully-integrated, automated solutions

Leverage SAGC’s team of automation experts to build game-changing solutions. Learn how you can grow, improve and automate your systems in 2021. Our team facilitates secure, efficient passenger movement and enhances passenger experience through fully-integrated solutions in airports worldwide. WE deliver fast and frictionless solutions to deliver the highest level of threat detection while maintaining a seamless screening experience. Our portfolio combines leading screening technologies, AI/ML capabilities, and advanced biometric tools to deliver holistic airport security solutions.

  • Checkpoint X-ray

    We deliver a range of checkpoint security X-ray solutions designed to detect banned items at security checkpoints and loading docks/warehouses. The advanced security checkpoint accommodate a full range of checkpoint, mail room and freight facilities.

  • Metal Detectors

    Our metal detectors help screeners differentiate between harmless objects and potential threats. Choose elliptic or panel, sensitivity level and throughput for the right system to search for weapons, prevent theft or perform entry and exit screening.
  • MachSecure

    Mach-Secure products offer true value to airports, providing real time information to allow security personnel to make quick, informed decisions. The wholly integrated systems dramatically increase the overall efficiency of an airport’s security systems.


People Screening

TSA utilize millimeter wave advanced imaging technology and walk-through metal detectors to screen passengers. Millimeter wave advanced imaging technology safely screens passengers without physical contact for metallic and non-metallic threats, including weapons and explosives, which may be concealed under clothing. Our best-in-class people scanners are trusted by more than 250 airports and many non-aviation customers with more than 2,400 systems deployed across six continents.


Cabin Baggage

Passenger screening at the airport is part of TSA’s layered approach to security to get you safely to your destination. TSA’s screening procedures are intended to prevent prohibited items and other threats to transportation security from entering the sterile area of the airport and are developed in response to information on threats to transportation security. Our products provide automated, integrated, and frictionless solutions to allow the highest passenger convenience while delivering the maximum level of explosives threat detection at an unprecedented false alarm rate.

Automated Tray Return

Our Team offers several automated solutions to increase efficiency while enhancing passenger experience, including our leading automated tray return system, antimicrobial trays, UV-C sanitization system, and integrated suite of software solutions that provide a holistic view of airport checkpoint systems.
Explosive Trace Detectors

Explosive Trace Detectors

ETDs are a key modality in homeland security, military and public safety. Our hand-held and desktop trace detection systems allow real-time, accurate detection of explosives and drugs utilizing Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS). Our products require minimal maintenance with a non-radioactive ionization source, internal calibration system, and push-button maintenance.
Integrated systems

Integrated Systems

Open Architecture leads to connected devices and transitions airport security from disparate management systems to a holistic security management system capable of AI/ML risk assessments, real-time airport operational information, and automated control functions.

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