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Security & Detection Systems

Advanced Personnel Screening
Checkpoints need safe and effective personnel screening systems, whether they are used for airports, nuclear power plants, asset protection, courthouses, correctional institutions, border crossings, commercial offices or manufacturing facilities. SAGC partners utilize millimeter wave (MMW) technology in personnel screening systems that are radio waves to reveal objects that may be hidden under a person’s clothing. A broad variety of concealed materials, including both metallic and non-metallic threats and contraband, can be detected.
Air Cargo Screening
With today’s evolving air cargo security challenges, you need reliable, high-throughput equipment that is cost effective, tuned to your demanding environment and backed by an experienced team of trainers and support engineers. The air cargo security market is growing and investments are being made worldwide to screen freight on passenger aircraft to meet regulatory guidelines. Our equipment handles shipments of varied sizes and applications. The products come in a number of tunnel sizes (small, medium and large X-ray) and include both conventional X-ray and advanced technology (AT) systems that have approved software algorithms that automatically detect explosives. We offer sophisticated multi-view architectures along with best value single-view systems. Many of these systems are TSA-qualified, including some of our low-cost systems and large X-ray platforms, and additional products have been submitted for qualification with regulators worldwide.
Aviation Checkpoint Solutions
The screening of personnel at airports or critical infrastructure buildings is a challenging task, where a balance between the demanded security level and the concern of infringing their privacy is needed. This, accordingly, requires advanced fast scanning methods delivering operation comfort with efficient threat detection. Improved passenger security and convenience is accomplished with the elimination of liquids and electronics divestment; parallel divesting at the conveyor to reduce wait times for travelers; and a quick, stationary body pose for passenger screening. Greater operational efficiency comes with compact, ergonomic systems; intuitive touch screen interfaces; remote/centralized screening; high speed ConOps for passenger and cabin baggage screening; and real-time system and screener performance data.
Checked Baggage Security Screening
The TSA-certified and EU Standard 3-approved MV3D® EDS model from L3 is designed to meet high levels of explosives detection performance. Its revolutionary design generates the throughput and image quality of previous EU Standard 2 systems while providing the detection performance required of EU Standard 3 systems, all at a very high level of reliability. This powerful combination delivers increased throughput while reducing capital investment, staffing and maintenance costs over the life of the system. SAGC with their partners have products that meet stringent explosive detection standards of regulatory agencies, rom stand-alone to high-throughput in-line configurations.
Correctional Facility Security
Despite the efforts of prison authorities to keep drugs, weapons, and other contraband out of their facilities, these items get smuggled in by way of visitors, staff, vendors, mail and deliveries. These items can be brought in on a person’s body or in large or small bags. Employees, visitors and packages coming into mail rooms all need to be carefully screened. Non-invasive screening technologies can spot threats and contraband quickly, safely and with greater efficiency to foil the attempts at hiding prohibited items. SAGC partners have products that quickly reveal concealed objects made of a broad variety of materials — both metallic and non-metallic. The products uses active millimeter wave (MMW) radio frequency, not X-rays or any ionizing radiation. The scanning experience is easy – a single, stationary position with no special movements or motions required.

Critical Infrastructure Screening
Critical infrastructure, such as a nuclear power generation facility, needs to place a heavy emphasis on security because of the potentially huge economic and social impact of an intrusion. Today, most critical infrastructure is protected by robust perimeter security structured to be multi-layered and interwoven. The result is that an attack "over the wall" is unlikely. The likely threat now comes disguised as an employee entering the plant or hidden in incoming goods. Security checkpoints play a key role in protecting these facilities by efficiently screening all people and goods that enter and exit the facility. SAGC partners deliver a range of checkpoint security solutions designed to detect explosives, firearms, radioactive materials and other banned items at both the security checkpoints and loading docks/warehouses. The product platforms are software-based architectures which are upgradeable to address future and emerging threats.
Ports & Borders Security Solutions
The constant flow of goods and materials through border crossings and ports keeps economies healthy — and poses a world of dangers. Dense freight loads can hide virtually anything: weapons of mass destruction, conventional weapons, stolen goods, drugs, stowaways. The possibilities are endless. Our line of cargo X-ray systems matches the complex demands of customs, border and port security, blending landmark image capture and processing technology with versatile platforms that span the range of physical requirements.
Ports & Borders Security - From explosives to drugs, stowaways and other potential hazards, SAGC partners screening technologies offer an accurate, sensitive and non-invasive approach to finding concealed contraband and threat substances, even in solidly packed freight.


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