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Medical Equipment and Systems

With increased patient volume and higher demand for patient quality treatment and care, there is a greater need to eliminate inefficiencies and create streamlined workflows.
  • Diagnostic Equipment and Medical Supplies - Analytical instruments are used in research and diagnostic applications for the medical and life sciences. Traditionally, these instruments have primarily been found in laboratory environments. Yet, as diagnostics continue to move from central laboratories to the point of care, analytical instruments are increasingly used in hospitals and other near-patient settings. Because patient care is everyone’s #1 priority, SAGC partners with reputable vendors that offer Medical Diagnostic Equipment and Supplies needed to assess them for treatment. SAGC has a wide selection of items, from stethoscopes to sphygmomanometers and more.
  • Asset Management Solutions - The delivery of healthcare is an asset-intensive process. Some medical assets such as scanners and other diagnostic or treatment equipment cost millions of dollars. However, it is rarely these items that pose the biggest asset management problem for healthcare providers. Instead the management of the multiple assets associated with each patient bed present a real problem because, while still often valuable, there are many of them and they are portable, They may be mislaid if, for example, they have to be sent off-site for inspection or repair. Tracking mobile assets within hospital premises can be daunting, complex and time consuming. Therefore, it is critical to have a system to identify and locate these assets so that caregivers can access critical equipment quickly. SAGC has software and the expertise to provide tools and products that are easy to use, seamless and reliable. Using barcode scanners, smartphones and tablets for scanning enables you to perform inventory tasks in fractions of the time.
  • Medical Supplies - Basic medical supplies are critical to the effective delivery of medical care. There are many supplies that are commonly needed in disasters, such as intravenous fluids, airway management equipment, medications, cardiac monitors, and syringes and needles. Whether dealing with pandemic flu, explosives, radiation, or another event, these common supplies will be necessary, and a local stockpile within the hospital should be considered. At present, local pharmacies and network distributors poorly serve the current supply chain in the United States. SAGS’s strategy offers a regional and national network or reliable sales force and distribution partners that provide supplies to our clients in an efficient and expeditious manner with competitive pricing.
  • Operation Room Waste Management Solutions  - Managing fluid and smoke waste is critical for the safety of staff and patient. SAGC and its partners provide equipment solutions that allow customers total control – from safety operations and equipment to finance. Our products take an extra step of precaution by applying an EPA Approved disinfecting agent during the cleaning process. Our equipment processes simplify fluid collection for all types of surgical cases with on-board regulated suction and class-leading fluid capacity. Our equipment and processes reduces plastic and liquid red bag waste in every fluid generating activity, thereby reducing disposal cost.”  

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