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Mentor Protégé Program

Mentor Protégé Alliance
The SBA broadly explains the purpose of the new program in this way:
The small business mentor-protégé program is designed to enhance the capabilities of protégé firms by requiring approved mentors to provide business development assistance to protégé firms and to improve the protégé firms’ ability to successfully compete for federal contracts. This assistance may include technical and/or management assistance; financial assistance in the form of equity investments and/or loans; subcontracts (either from the mentor to the protégé or from the protégé to the mentor); trade education; and/or assistance in performing prime contracts with the Government through joint venture arrangements. Mentors are encouraged to provide assistance relating to the performance of contracts set aside or reserved for small business so that protégé firms may more fully develop their capabilities.
For the reason stated above, SAGC has a wonderful opportunity to have US Water Services Corporation as our mentor partner. With this partnership:
  1. It allows SAGC to develop strategic alliances with large and experienced firms
  2.  Opportunities to develop SAGC’s technical capabilities and infrastructure
  3. Joint venture opportunities as a small business
  4. Give mentors credit toward small business subcontracting for dollars spent supporting the protégé
  5. The opportunity for technology transfer from mentor to protégé
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